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Bard PowerPort™ Product Lawsuits

Bard PowerPort™ Product Lawsuits claim that the manufacturer failed to warn patients about the risks associated with the Bard PowerPort™ and that they knew or should have known about the dangers of Bard PowerPort™ complications.
1. Lawsuit

Introduction to Bard PowerPort™ Product Lawsuits

A Bard PowerPort™ catheter is inserted beneath the skin to make accessing a person's veins easier. Dickey Anderson Law Firm is filing product liability lawsuits based on injuries, that have been reported to the FDA, caused by known defects in certain devices in Bard's PowerPort™ line of products.

In the FDA’s MAUDE adverse event database, the following complications have been associated with certain devices in the Bard PowerPort™ line: infection, thrombosis, fracture, leakage, migration, and death.

  • Bard PowerPort™ infections (sepsis or septic shock) can occur when bacteria infect the Bard PowerPort™ site and spread around the body. 
  • Bard PowerPort™ thrombosis occurs when a blood clot forms around or inside the Bard PowerPort™. 
  • Bard PowerPort™ fracture happens when part of the port breaks off, which can lead to injury to the heart or lungs.
  • Bard PowerPort™ leakage can occur when the port is left in the body for too long, and the chemotherapy agents escape through cracks or tears in the port device.
  • Bard PowerPort™ migration can occur when the port moves from its original position, leading to perforation (tearing) of the vein. 

The PowerPort™ is an implanted port catheter that makes it easier and faster for doctors and nurses to give medications, intravenous drips, nutrients, and other treatments such as chemotherapy.

Bard PowerPort™ Product Lawsuits

An implantable port and catheter are introduced directly into the patient's vascular system. Due to mechanical stress parts of the device can break down and fracture in the body. Broken pieces can then move through the patient's vascular system, causing serious injuries and adverse events such as perforation, bleeding, and even death. Some other possible side effects are the following:

  • Blood clots
  • Hematoma
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia 

Several Bard PowerPort™ Product Lawsuits have been filed by patients who have experienced these complications from their ports.

Bard PowerPort™ Product Lawsuits claim that the manufacturer failed to warn patients about the risks associated with the Bard PowerPort™ and that they knew or should have known about the dangers of Bard PowerPort™ complications.

In addition, the lawsuits claim that Bard could have used a safer alternative material that would not have deteriorated in the body and prevented many injuries and deaths.

You might be entitled to compensation if a Bard PowerPort™ injured you or a family member.
2. Allegations

Who is Bard Access Systems, Inc.?

Bard Access Systems, Inc., also known as BARD, is one of the biggest manufacturers of medical devices. One of its products, PowerPort™, is getting a lot of attention.

What is the Bard PowerPort™?

Certain vascular devices manufactured by Bard carry a risk of complications and injury when device materials break down inside the body. Numerous reports of material fractures have been reported over the years to the FDA adverse event database.

Bard's Reaction to Allegations

In the past several months, many lawsuits have been filed in multiple states alleging injury and seeking compensation for patients affected by certain devices in the Bard PowerPort™ line.

3. FDA

FDA Adverse Event Reports Regarding Bard PowerPort™

The FDA has received an overwhelming number of adverse event reports about certain Bard PowerPort™ devices. Reported complications from Bard PowerPort™ are sometimes severe and, in some cases, fatal.

Companies that profit from manufacturing medical devices must be held responsible when they act carelessly and cause harm that could have been avoided.

If a Bard PowerPort™ catheter has hurt you or someone you care about, you should talk to one of our attorneys immediately.
4. Recall

Bard PowerPort™ Catheter Recall

Bard recently completed an FDA initiated recall for certain Bard PowerPort™ devices due a known defect in products used in patients.

During the recall, the FDA recommended that all healthcare facilities return affected PowerPort™ devices to mitigate these risks.

Patients can confirm whether their device is affected by contacting a healthcare professional or visiting the FDA Bard PowerPort™ recall website.

5. FAQs

Bard PowerPort™ Catheter Lawsuit Frequently  Asked Questions

How do I file a Bard PowerPort™ Catheter lawsuit?

You file your Bard PowerPort™ Catheter lawsuit by calling our law firm and speaking to one of our attorneys. Dickey Anderson Law Firm can file a lawsuit for injuries that include infection, blood clots, and tissue damage. You should call us if you have experienced any of these complications.

How much does filing a Bard PowerPort™ Catheter lawsuit cost?

Filing a Bard PowerPort™ Product Lawsuits will cost you nothing out of pocket. Our law firm is filing lawsuits under a contingent fee agreement. That means we get paid a fee after you get a settlement. No Win, No Fee.

What are the deadlines for filing a Bard PowerPort™ Catheter lawsuit?

The deadlines for filing a Bard PowerPort™ Catheter lawsuit may vary depending on the state in which you live. Some states have a statute of limitations as short as one year, while others allow up to six years.
It is essential to speak with an attorney to determine what deadlines may apply to your case.

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